Willow Green

Unlock the ultimate freedom!

Rewriting Your Reality,

You have a Choice.

Who do you want to be?

What do you want?

You can change. Life can improve. New choices will result in new opportunities.

Are you longing to express yourself authentically?

You have a gift, one that is uniquely you. It’s the way you express yourself, your authenticity. Your process, color, voice, signature is one that is as special as you. It wants to emerge.

Are you ready to unleash your authentic voice and empower your vision?

Want a sneak peek?

Get the first three chapters FREE and start Rewriting Your Reality today!


Intuitive Readings,

Soul Symbol Gifts,

Spirit Animal Retrieval, Coaching 1 on 1 and group sessions available. 

Schedule a discovery call to see what opportunities are best for you.

Hello, I'm Willow Green

You are only one choice away from your dream!

Author, Facilitator and Intuitive Coach who works with individuals and groups around the world facilitating opportunities to experience true freedom and deeper levels of love.

I embody  a very unique and diverse set of gifts that allow me to guide my clients toward seeing exactly what they need to empower themselves and thrive. 

I have acquired skills throughout 25 years of traveling the world, living with and training under several spirit guides and shamans as well as from traditional education.

I hold an Occupational Science Degree, am a Certified NLP practitioner, Experienced Plant Medicine Integrator and Educator.

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