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Moving throught the fear, anxiety and humility of LIFE, on Life's terms.


Comes autograghed with a personal message.

I'm Sober, Now What?

  • Moving through the fear, anxiety and humility of LIFE, on Life's terms.

    Learn how to feel comfortable in your skin.I used to think getting sober was the hard part, however I painfully discovered LIVING sober was even harder. Overcoming the crippling fear, desperation for the pain to stop and the sheer awkwardness of living are the real challenges. I will share with you all the things I had to learn the hard way, eliminating years of pain and suffering from your journey. I will share with you the secrets of truly LIVING a life filled with hope, happiness and joy.


    Tools you will learn:

    •How to eliminate racing thoughts •How to move through paralyzing fear and anxiety

    •Strategies for more effective communication

    •How to turn your so called “character defects” into your greatest assets •How to enjoy LIVING life on life’s terms

    •How to transform your fear patterns into healthy habits


    It is possible to live a sober life with infinite abundance and joy. "I’m Sober, Now What? How to deal with the fear, anxiety and humility of living life on life’s terms” is your cliff notes to fast tracking you to the life of joy you deserve. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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