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Anything Is Possible. You have a choice. Start Rewriting Your Reality Today!!!

Book comes with a personal note to the reciever.


A divination can be added for you or as a gift.

Rewriting Your Reality

  • Rewrite your new reality starting today.


    “Green’s second book is profound. Her ability to peel back the layers of the human experience, exposing the raw and vulnerable evolution we all endure, is refreshingly real.”

     —Nicole BZ, Business Expert and Success Strategist,



    “You will no doubt find an abundance of gold nuggets that can help you gain hope, clarity, focus, and courage in facing your own challenges and adversity in life.”

     —Mike Kemski, 2-time #1 Bestselling Author and creator of the PowerLife Principles



    "Powerful, vulnerable and written in a way to unlock new possibilities.”

    —Lori Schmeichel Jones


    Offers poignant reflective exercises and questions to usher in new ways of being. A must read for all spiritual seekers looking to shift their mindsets towards self-love, happiness, and success.”

    —Gabrielle Sisson, LMT, Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Birth Coach, Energy Worker

    Comes with the option to download the workbook and extra content to go deeper as a gift to you!

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